How To: Be a rapper in 5 minutes

Be a rapper in 5 minutes

Want to be a rapper? Find it hard to become one? Well, Jason Hawkins is about to show you how to become a rapper in less than five minutes. You don't have any musical skill? Well, no worries, because, as Jason Hawkins put it, musical skills are not needed to become a rapper. To start out, you'll need 3 things. One, an internet connection. Two, a working microphone. Three, you must have the clothes needed, for example: a hoodie, a tracksuit, a pair of sneakers, jewelry or "bling", and a New York new era cap. Now to begin your rapping career you need to find, or make, beats. An easy way to do so is to simply search the internet for free beats or just use bass. After doing so you need to make the words, which only revolves around you rhyming which doesn't require skills. One last thing is to successfully put on your attire and with that, good luck! There are thousands upon thousands of people who love rap and you yourself might become famous.

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