How To: Beatbox Faith SFX's "Aint No Sunshine"

Beatbox Faith SFX's "Aint No Sunshine"

This tutorial video will show you how you can beatbox Faith SFX's song "Aint No sunshine."

The Beatbox tabs are here:

b-k-ain't-no-sun-b-shine-k-when-she's-go ne-b-kch-b-t-kch-bmm-b-kung-b-b-bmm

b-k-it's-not-warm-b-when-she-[k]-'s-a-[b ]-way-b-kch-b-t-kch-bmm-b-kung-b-b-bmm

b-k-ain't-no-sun-b-shine-k-when-she's-go ne-b-ts-kch-she-al-[b]-ways-k-gone-too-b -long-b-k-anytime-bf-k-bf-k-bf-sh-[k]e-a -[b]-way- b-kch-b-t-kch-bmm-b-kung-b-b-bmm

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