How To: Beatbox "Wind" by Kenny Muhammed

Beatbox "Wind" by Kenny Muhammed

In this how to video you will learn how to beatbox "Wind" by Kenny Muhammed. This tutorial is great for those wanting to learn the basics of beatboxing.
Pronunciation is as follows:
Orsh-t-k-kch-b-Larsh-t-k-kch-t-k-Beas-t- k-kch-b-ceado-kch-sa

Bo-t-k-kch-bo-tktk-kch-t-k-bo-t-k-kch-bo -t-k-bo-kch-t-k

Bo-t-k-kch-bo-hat-tk-kch-t-k-bo-t-k-kch- bo-t-k-bo-kch-t-k

Uno-kch-t-k-dos-t-k-kch-t-k-tres-t-k-kch -quatro-kch

B-one-kch-t-k-two-t-k-kch-t-k-bo-t-k-kch -bo-t-k-bo-kch

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