HowTo: Become Lil' Wayne's Prison Penpal

Become Lil' Wayne's Prison Penpal

Via WonderHowTo World, Luv and Music:

Weezy, we miss you. Well, at least I do. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. Lil' Wayne is currently serving a year long sentence in a New York prison, after pleading guilty to a gun charge. (Miss the story? Get the scoop on NPR).

HowTo: Become Lil' Wayne's Prison Penpal

For those of us who miss Weezy F. Baby (the F is for Forensics, in case you were wondering), do him a solid. Brighten those lonely prison days with some (fan)mail.

HowTo: Become Lil' Wayne's Prison Penpal

HowTo: Write to Lil' Wayne

Eric M. Taylor Center (EMTC)
Dwayne Carter NYSID# 02616544L
10-10 Hazen Street
East Elmhurst, NY 11370

I'm drafting my first letter as soon as I hit publish. Anybody else joining me?

HowTo: Become Lil' Wayne's Prison Penpal

Keep updated on Lil' Wayne's Prison Life (Countdown 'til Release Ticker included!): WeezyThanxYou

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lil Wayne: "I smoke weed all day. I'm a very successful addict. And a very smart one. And a very charismatic one. And one that just won four Grammys, and one that sold a million records in a week. What am I addicted to, being great?"

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