How To: Scream for metal and rock vocals

Scream for metal and rock vocals

Any classically trained vocalist would advise you not to EVER scream during a song. That's because any kind of screaming harms your vocal chords and could lead to a raspy, damaged voice later on in life. However, as many rock and hard metal songs require wailing of some sort, this video will teach you how to scream should you need to.

It will focus on how to control your breathing.

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I seriously would put a f-kn bag over my head if I were you. With your growl bull-#$%@ crawl into a cave you fuc-n idiot! Your mother must so proud she bore a loser like you.

Yeah you tell that guy trying to save teens from ruining their voices! You know soooo much about the subject!! Just kidding. Stfu. If i were you i would put a bag over my head too! A plastic one, until i stopped breathing. :)

I have been desparate to get some sort of voice back - had a lovely sining voice at one time but now nothing. Due to domestic violence 30 + years ago, screamed so loud and broke cords. Never had medical treatment, not recognised. You are not a loser!!! You have helped. Love Lady C x

u definately explained it much better than i have seen before, you should make another video for the transition to strait up screaming

Your screaming is proper growl technique, but you need more control, and your singing demonstrations aren't quite as relevant as you meant them to be. You need to work on placing your singing voice better before you try to explain how to use it in terms of pitch. All things considered it was an ok video.

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