How To: Sing from your diaphragm

Sing from your diaphragm

Many people speak from their chests by default. If you're serious about singing, however, you should make an effort to sing from your belly. Not only will you increase your volume, but your singing will take on a sweeter, more open tone.

The foundation of singing is learning how to breathe properly. It takes a lot of strain off of your vocal chords, helps control loudness and just in general helps you sound even better than you already do. If you're having a hard time breathing with your diaphragm try lying on the floor. Try to feel how you have so much more control of your breathing now that you're using your abs to push out that air. For a guide to getting started singing with your diaphragm, watch this free vocal lesson.

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This video does not actually show you how to SING from your diaphragm! It just shows you how to take a belly breath, that's all.

Singing from the diaphragm involves a much more active contraction of the diaphragm than what the demonstrator in the video does. When you energetically engage your diaphragm, your stomach does not move out much; instead, the expansion occurs in your SIDES and in your BACK (in the lumbar region). Then, as you are singing a phrases, you actively push out into THESE areas more, NOT your stomach!

Because there isn't much literature about this on the internet, I have created a video demonstrating how to achieve this. I show you how to take a diaphragmatic breath in addition to how to coordinate it with sound, which is EXTREMELY important. Then I show you how to apply it to an actual song.

You can access the video at the link below.

How to SING from your diaphragm

Note: I have also updated the link with a second video clarifying some points in addition to supplemental articles.

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