How To: Sing high notes with vibrato

Sing high notes with vibrato

Saher known as "sbGALT" is here to help with your singing vibrato.

He gives an example of what vibrato is & how it varies from straight tone when singing. He sings a note with & without vibrato to illustrate the differences.

Next are vocal exercises from his Vibrato Workshop CD. The first one helps to free up the voice. He illustrates how it sounds by example & explains how it's done. He gives a tip to make it feel effortless, to have it happen naturally and feel comfortable.

You get to do it yourself as he plays on the keyboard. He will tell you which octave to sing it in according to your vocal range. You will alternate between doing it alone & doing it along with his singing. He reassures that vibrato may not come easily, but sticking with it will help you reach your goals.

The next exercise helps you take your throat muscles out of the picture. If you tense up & feel tight while singing, that makes it hard to produce vibrato. The twist to this exercise is to rock the head from side to side while doing the vocals. He warns to watch if you have a tendency to stop rocking the head & start pulling up. That means you're using your throat muscles to raise the pitch. That can cause a lot of problems vocally & makes vibrato difficult.

With that tip in hand, he performs the exercise for you first. Then you're ready to do the exercise yourself. He repeats it, covering notes for all different singing ranges. The repetition is helpful & in this exercise, most of the time you'll be on your own with him on the keyboard but without his voice. This helps bring new confidence as you realize you're doing it on your own!

He reassures those that still have trouble with vibrato--vibrato is difficult. He recommends his Vibrato Workshop CD for those that need more tools. The information about the CD & his Vocal Technique CD are the final tips.

After watching this, you'll already have some of the tools to sing vibrato the way you've dreamed of!

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