News: Meet the New Justin Beiber, Greyson Chance

Meet the New Justin Beiber, Greyson Chance

WonderHowTo World, Luv and Music, features the latest YouTube sensation, Lady Gaga-killer, Greyson Chance:

"Here's a video of sixth grader Greyson Michael Chance performing Paparazzi. The little dude is so talented. Piano playin', rockin' look, great vocals. I loved it, and so did 2 million other You Tube viewers..."

In a short time, 2 million views has quickly exploded to 16 million and growing. Greyson landed a spot on Ellen, as well as being featured on multiple other media outlets. Sources are now reporting this morning that Greyson has landed a record deal with Interscope.

Uh oh, better watch out, Justin. You've got some competition.

Greyson Performs "Paparazzi"

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