How To: Beatbox FaithSFX's "Stand By Me"

Beatbox FaithSFX's "Stand By Me"

In this how to video you will learn to beatbox "Stand by Me" by FaithSFX. This tutorial is great for intermediate beatboxers.
(BASS) = humming
(D/BASS) = just a variation of the humming bass with the letter "D", sound more like an upright bass than the "B" bass.
(B) = kick
(K) = outward "K" snare *kinda like a rimshot*

(K)(Bass) (T)(Bass) (B)(Bass) (Tss) (KCH) (B)(Bass) (T) (B)

When the night (D/BASS) (Tss) (KCH) (D/BASS) (T) (B) (K)has come (D/BASS) (Tss) (KCH) (D/BASS) (T) (B) (K)(BASS) (T)(BASS) (D/BASS) (Tss) (KCH)

And the (B)land (K)is dark (D/BASS) (Tss) (KCH) (D/BASS) (T)

(B)And (K)the moo(B)oon (K) (D/BASS) (T) (B)is (K)the on(B)ly (K) (D/BASS) (T) (B)light (K)we'll see (D/BASS) (Tss) (KCH) (D/BASS) (T) (B) (K)(BASS) (T)(BASS) (D/BASS) (Tss) (KCH) (D/BASS)

(B)No, (K)I (B)won't (D/BASS) (Tss) (KCH) (D/BASS) (T) (B)e (K)afraid (D/BASS) (Tss) (KCH)

No(B)oo, (K)I (B)won't (K) (D/BASS) (T) (B)e (K)afraid (D/BASS) (Tss) (KCH) (D/BASS)

Just (K)as lo(B)ong (K) (D/BASS) (T) (B)as (K)you sta(B)and (K) (D/BASS) (T) (B)y (K)me (D/BASS) (Tss) (K) (D/BASS) (T) (B) (K)(Bass)

so darling darling stand (K) (D/BASS) (T) (B)y (K) me (D/BASS) (Tss) (KCH)

O(B)oo(K)OH stand (K) (D/BASS) (T) (B)y (K) me (D/BASS) (Tss) (KCH) (D/BASS) (T)

Just (K)as lo(B)ong (K) (D/BASS) (T) (B)as (K)you sta(B)and (K) (D/BASS) (B)y (K) me

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