How to Beatbox FaithSFX's "Stand By Me"

In this how to video you will learn to beatbox "Stand by Me" by FaithSFX. This tutorial is great for intermediate beatboxers.
(BASS) = humming
(D/BASS) = just a variation of the humming bass with the letter "D", sound more like an upright bass than the "B" bass.
(B) = kick
(K) = outward "K" snare *kinda like a rimshot*

(K)(Bass) (T)(Bass) (B)(Bass) (Tss) (KCH) (B)(Bass) (T) (B)

When the night (D/BASS) (Tss) (KCH) (D/BASS) (T) (B) (K)has come (D/BASS) (Tss) (KCH) (D/BASS) (T) (B) (K)(BASS) (T)(BASS) (D/BASS) (Tss) (KCH)

And the (B)land (K)is dark (D/BASS) (Tss) (KCH) (D/BASS) (T)

(B)And (K)the moo(B)oon (K) (D/BASS) (T) (B)is (K)the on(B)ly (K) (D/BASS) (T) (B)light (K)we'll see (D/BASS) (Tss) (KCH) (D/BASS) (T) (B) (K)(BASS) (T)(BASS) (D/BASS) (Tss) (KCH) (D/BASS)

(B)No, (K)I (B)won't (D/BASS) (Tss) (KCH) (D/BASS) (T) (B)e (K)afraid (D/BASS) (Tss) (KCH)

No(B)oo, (K)I (B)won't (K) (D/BASS) (T) (B)e (K)afraid (D/BASS) (Tss) (KCH) (D/BASS)

Just (K)as lo(B)ong (K) (D/BASS) (T) (B)as (K)you sta(B)and (K) (D/BASS) (T) (B)y (K)me (D/BASS) (Tss) (K) (D/BASS) (T) (B) (K)(Bass)

so darling darling stand (K) (D/BASS) (T) (B)y (K) me (D/BASS) (Tss) (KCH)

O(B)oo(K)OH stand (K) (D/BASS) (T) (B)y (K) me (D/BASS) (Tss) (KCH) (D/BASS) (T)

Just (K)as lo(B)ong (K) (D/BASS) (T) (B)as (K)you sta(B)and (K) (D/BASS) (B)y (K) me

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