How To: Beatbox "Pony" by Ginuwine

Beatbox "Pony" by Ginuwine

How to Beatbox "Pony" by Ginuwine

Learn how to beatbox "Pony" by Ginuwine with this step by step tutorial. This video is great for beginner beatboxers.


Bew-t-b-pf-t-b-bew-t-b-[pf]bew-t-b-bew-t -b-pf-t-b-[b]bew-t-b-[pf]bew-t-b-bew

-t-b-[pf]I'm just a [b]bachelor-[pf]bew-t-b-bew
-t-b-[pf]Looking for a [b]partner-[pf]bew-t-b-bew
Some[pf]one who [b]know how to [pf]ride-bew-bew
With[pf]out even [b]fallin off-bew
-t-b-[pf]Gotta be com[b]ata[pf]ble-bew
And [pf]take me to my [b]limits-[pf]bew-t-b-bew
-t-b-[pf]Girl when I'm [b]breakin you [pf]off-bew-bew
I [pf]promise that you [b]won't wanna [pf]get off

[b]If your [pf]horny-bew
Lets [pf]do this-bew
-t-b-[pf]ride it-bew
My [pf]pony-bew
My [pf]saddle-b-t-b[pf]waitin-bew
t-b-[pf]come and --b- jump [pf]on it

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