How To: Beatbox "Pony" by Ginuwine

Beatbox "Pony" by Ginuwine

Learn how to beatbox "Pony" by Ginuwine with this step by step tutorial. This video is great for beginner beatboxers.


Bew-t-b-pf-t-b-bew-t-b-[pf]bew-t-b-bew-t -b-pf-t-b-[b]bew-t-b-[pf]bew-t-b-bew

-t-b-[pf]I'm just a [b]bachelor-[pf]bew-t-b-bew
-t-b-[pf]Looking for a [b]partner-[pf]bew-t-b-bew
Some[pf]one who [b]know how to [pf]ride-bew-bew
With[pf]out even [b]fallin off-bew
-t-b-[pf]Gotta be com[b]ata[pf]ble-bew
And [pf]take me to my [b]limits-[pf]bew-t-b-bew
-t-b-[pf]Girl when I'm [b]breakin you [pf]off-bew-bew
I [pf]promise that you [b]won't wanna [pf]get off

[b]If your [pf]horny-bew
Lets [pf]do this-bew
-t-b-[pf]ride it-bew
My [pf]pony-bew
My [pf]saddle-b-t-b[pf]waitin-bew
t-b-[pf]come and --b- jump [pf]on it

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