How To: Scream sing like Mitch Lucker from Suicide Silence

Scream sing like Mitch Lucker from Suicide Silence

In this video, we learn how to scream sing with Mitch Lucker. First, you want to prepare your body by deep breathing in and out. You then want to breath in deep with your voice and start to make a growling noise. Once you have this sound, you will want to practice with it very often. Next, get a full stomach of air and then drop your voice very low. After this, release all of your breath while breathing out in a low voice. Then your voice will sound extremely low and you will be scream singing. Practice doing this, then you will have this voice method down in no time.

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Very impressive Jindrich! Thanks for sharing!

i wanna punch this guy in the face you cant sing scream okay and another thing there is only one mitch lucker and he was the best and no one can scream like him

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