How To: Sing high notes

Sing high notes

Check out this instructional voice lesson that shows you how to sing high notes! This is a video for those who want to learn to sing in a higher range. This information has worked with the instructor since she started singing higher-ranged songs and hopes it does the same for you! Improve your vocal abilities by watching this voice tutorial and practice singing higher range notes!


well i been singing a long time ago like 6 years ago i was a soprano but i dont know what is wrong im very rusty i look retarted at my pic anyways im an alto or worse i cant sing my old band says i have a cake stuck down my troat

thanks for the help of your video but i mostly try this things i feel terrible do you think having a baby has anything to do with my troat hurts and burns from screaming at the neigbor awww well hope to get an answer

I have been singing all my life and I never really realized that you have a chest voice and a head voice, but this makes sense. I have a full time job in customer service but I can still sing, despite over 25 years doing this! Thanks for the tips, I have problems reaching high notes, even though I am a soprano, just anything agove high D is difficult for me...

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