How To: Sing better by optimizing your voice's resonance

Sing better by optimizing your voice's resonance

This video is about singing better by optimizing your voice's resonance.

The resonance in your body is determined by the cavity that resonates. Relax your voice box and let it resonate with an open space. The bridge-to cross the bridge, use the sound "Na". Na, na, na, na, na, na, na. It increases the vocal volume. EQ voice-Eq affects the highs and lows in the voice. It give s the voice more texture and volume. The viewer learns techniques to optimize the voice's resonance.

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You did not define what a bridge is, not describe it. Also same goes for EQ. what is that? Doing is not teaching. You gave no cues, no demonstration of someone needing help, then giving help through coaching to see a result. We have no idea how to start, where we are going or if we did it right. A poor video in many ways from an educational point of view. It offers no real instruction, nothing for us to do or learn.

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