How To: Loudly whistle with one hand

Loudly whistle with one hand

How to loudly whistle with one hand To whistle loudly with one hand start by rolling the tip of your tongue toward the back of your mouth. Keep the tongue rolled back and take the your index finger and thumb and put them together to form a circle. Put your fingers in your mouth touching the tongue. Close your mouth and lips down around the two fingers and blow out. The air moving through your fingers and teeth makes the whistle sound. The harder you blow out the louder the whistle will be. All it takes is practice to get this whistle down. With a little bit of practice you will be able to whistle really loud.

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Never thought I could do this because no one ever showed me how. I was able to get a small whistle simply by looking at the placement of the fingers beneath my tongue, and did it immediately! Will have to work on it to get a loud whistle.

I think the thing that helped me was visualizing the whistle and air sound coming out of the space of my two closed fingers, making sure there is just the smallest of spaces between those two fingers.


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