How To: Whistle very loud using 4 fingers

Whistle very loud using 4 fingers

First of all you have to wash your hands thoroughly so that they are nice and clean. Now take your middle finger and your index finger of your both hands. Now open your mouth and roll your tongue upwards. Place these fingers on your rolled tongue inside your mouth. Now blow very hard. If you can whistle then you have done it. Otherwise the tutor suggests that you must practice a lot to learn this. You only have to keep following the steps mentioned. It needs a lot of dedication. You will not get it right in the first instance. You must remember that when you are putting your fingers in the mouth, you must insert your fingers till the ends of your nails. You can whistle loud and produce a high itch. It takes round two weeks to learn it. For producing high pitch you have to place your fingers not much deeper in your mouth. And for producing low pitch whistle you have to place your fingers more inside your mouth. That’s it.

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i done it straight away, Nice one

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