How To: Improve your singing voice

Improve your singing voice

Do you think you are tone deaf? If you have trouble staying in key, or feel like you just can't get the rhythm, check out this video for advice on how to harness your inner songbird.
You Will Need
* A voice
* Ears
* A vocal coach
* Water (optional)

Step 1: Breathe deep
Breathe deeply and with your diaphragm. This will take practice, patience, and stomach muscles.
Strengthen your stomach with exercises such as sit-ups.

Step 2: Stand straight
Stand up straight when warming up for a song. Practice in front of a mirror.

Step 3: Warm up
Warm up your voice by putting your lips together and vibrating them like a horse. While making that noise, sing scales.
Avoid dairy products or thick beverages before performances, and drink a lot of water.

Step 4: Listen to others sing
Listen to other vocal performances, and try to mimic the performer. This will help train your voice and your ear.

Step 5: Hire a vocal coach
Hire a professional vocal coach if you feel you need additional instruction. This person can offer your valuable tips and set you on your way to becoming a soaring songbird.

Did you know? Most people are capable of three octaves. Exceptional talents are known to reach four or five octaves, but that is very rare.

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